Only With VEO: Follow Laurence Norah as he takes his VEO tripod around the world...
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Only With VEO: Follow Laurence Norah as he takes his VEO tripod around the world...


Only With VEO

Vanguard Professional Laurence Norah is one half of the travel blogging duo at Finding the Universe, as well as the other half of Independent Travel Cats, and President Elect of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association.

Laurence's aim is to frame the wonders of the world in such a way as to make them new again, using different processing techniques to tell the story. His goal is to inspire others to visit the destinations he's been to, as well as take their own photography to the next level. He travels the world, taking pictures and teaching photography to all levels.

We set Laurence up with a VEO 235AB tripod, a part of our brand new VEO Collection of travel tripods, monopods and bags. He is documenting his tours 'round the world with it. Laurence took all the images that follow either with or of the VEO for a series of photos that were possible Only With VEO.



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Laurence's Journey with VEO

May / Yosemite National Park, CA

Laurence wrote a post about his favorite photography spots in Yosemite on his blog, Finding the Universe.

"...[I]f you are looking for a tripod (and if you’re serious about your photography, you absolutely should have one!), then Vanguard have an excellent range. The VEO system I was using for this shoot is specifically designed for travel, meaning it’s super-light and easy to use, plus they won’t break the bank."

May / London, UK

April / Shasta Cascade region in Northern California, USA

April / San Francisco, USA

26 March / The VEO Arrives

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