Vanguard Adventurer Kit: VEO 3+ Tripod w/ Multi-Angle Center Column, VEO Active Camera Backpack & Extra Quick-Release Plate Bundle

Vanguard Adventurer Kit: VEO 3+ Tripod w/ Multi-Angle Center Column, VEO Active Camera Backpack & Extra Quick-Release Plate Bundle

Item: VEO 3+ 303ABS, VEO Active 53 KG, QS-62v3

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Save big with a bundle!

The Vanguard Adventurer Kit is perfect for nature, landscape, or adventure photographers and videographers, but it also suits practically any content creator, outdoors or indoors. Get a VEO 3+ 303ABS aluminum tripod w/ multi-angle center column and dual-axis ball head, a VEO Active 53 KG camera backpack, and an extra QS-62v3 Arca-compatible quick-release plate -- and save almost $300 when you buy them all together!

$559.99 Buy It Now $854.97 Retail Price

VEO 3+ 303ABS:

The Vanguard VEO 3+ 303ABS aluminum tripod is a sturdy and steadfast all-in-one tripod/ball head kit that exemplifies versatility. The easy-to-operate multi-angle center column (MACC) is the star of the show, allowing you to move your shot angle 360 degrees in any direction, get overhead or macro shots, and take sweeping panoramas. Use the included MA-1 mount to attach an additional head, monitor, lighting, and more.

  • Vanguard’s flagship all-in-one tripod series now available with 30 mm legs for extra support
  • Kit includes a premium VEO BH-250S Arca-compatible dual-axis ball head with a QS-62V3 plate
  • MACC converts to a multi-mount, saving you the trouble of bringing a second tripod
  • Includes VEO+ MA-1 multi-mount adapter, spiked feet, and shoulder bag
  • Extends up to 69.8” for tall shots
  • Generous max load of 55 lbs.
  • Three easy-set leg angles (23, 50, and 80 degrees)
  • CNC-machined for maximum precision and quality

VEO Active 53 KG:

The built-tough yet attractive VEO Active 53 camera backpack is made to match your active lifestyle. Thanks to an ergonomic and airflow-boosting design, you can carry the gear you need without feeling like you're carrying an entire studio on your shoulders. We've included numerous features that make this backpack your best friend for extended field days or travelling off the beaten path.

Key Features:

  • Built-in USB charger connection (power bank & external cable not included)
  • Removable camera box insert makes this a versatile pack for both photo/video equipment and outdoor travelling/camping items
  • Rear, front, and top access points to equipment or accessories.
  • Carry 1-2 mirrorless/DSLR bodies, 4-6 lenses (or a small drone), flash, a tripod, your cellphone, a tablet, a laptop, water bottle, optics, and more -- simply put, a ton of configuration options, inside and outside the pack
  • Ergonomic design (with a metal frame) helps shape the pack to your back, along with a waist belt and breathable material to help you stay comfortable
  • Easily straps onto a trolley handle for airport travel
  • Includes a total-coverage rain cover, accessories pouch, and multifunction pouch


The Vanguard QS-62 V3 Quick Shoe is an Arca-compatible-quick release plate with two removable pins in the base. This plate is designed to be used with Vanguard's VEO BH-110S and VEO BH-160S Dual-Axis ball heads, but it can be used with any Arca-compatible head. 

The quick shoe can be attached securely to the base of the camera:

  • Using an Allen key
  • Using a coin
  • Using a screwdriver