VEO Optic Guard Deluxe Optics and Camera Harness - Black

VEO Optic Guard Deluxe Optics and Camera Harness - Black


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The VEO Optic Guard Deluxe Harness helps provide full support and drop protection for your optics or camera. Strong but comfortable straps go over both shoulders and meet in the back to provide optimal weight balance and an ergonomic fit. Plus, the Deluxe model features wider shoulder straps and a separate harness that attaches across the chest to provide even more stability and balance.

  • Vanguard's Cinch Lock System helps securely attach and detach your optics with one hand
  • Fits most optics and cameras with eyelets for 15-20mm straps
  • Made with premium materials and designed for both user-friendliness and durability
$46.99 Buy It Now $54.99 Retail Price

The VEO OPTIC GUARD series is the quintessential harness solution for passionate birders who use their binoculars or cameras for extended periods. Designed to deliver the ultimate in comfort, enabling you carry your gear in the field with ease, the series also incorporates Vanguard's new quick release system that allows you to switch between kit or carrying solutions in seconds. So whether you're just heading out for a short hike, or trekking in the mountains, Vanguard's VEO OPTIC GUARD series allows you to select the best option for your trip.

For everyday use, a neck strap is great, but sometimes you need another solution. For longer treks or frequent usage, spreading the optics or camera weight across your shoulders with a proper harness can make a huge impact on your comfort and energy levels throughout the day. VEO OPTIC GUARD allows you to select and set up the best solution for your day in seconds with Vanguard’s innovative new quick-release system.